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Jake D. Getty - "Chobittsu"
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

The world of Aratta has never been alone. Decades of contact with their neighbor planet of Shasa have finally brought about an expedition to visit the residents of the aquatic world face-to-face.

Dariya's dreams for herself never really went past the moment she was in, and her close friend, Nadari, had always been content with her mechanical tinkerings. But when the opportunity to voyage the stars and make history across two worlds presented itself, never in their wildest fantasies would they expect what awaited them among the cerulean nebulae and tropical oceans of an alien world.

Hard vacuum and radiation are not the only risks and perils of space.

29,502 / 140,000 - 21.07%
(Numbers based on average length of Sci-fi novel and are meant as a rough estimate)
Completed Chapters:
1 2 3 4 5 6
Honestly, if I wasn't so swamped with other miscellaneous crap and happenings in my life I might have been better prepared for this, but as it turns out I was unprepared and the date snuck up on me, so this shitty journal post will have to do.

Once upon a time, I was a snotty nosed brat, somewhere in my second year of high school (I think, memory is a lil fuzzy) and was taking a more serious crack at art. Progress may have slowed down today on pretty much anything involving more work than a quick gag sketch or a half-assed photoshopping, but back in the day I had much more time on my hands, what with being stuck in classes I wasn't learning anything from...
So more often than not, I found myself in need of a character to feature in an image. Keep in mind this was back before I had too much imagination to spare, so I just grabbed whatever I had laying around.
One day, I was derpin' around, drawin' a female version of Alucard from Hellsing (this was pre-Hellsing: The Dawn) and came up with this:
Alucard - Female Varient by Chobittsu-Studios
Neat and all, not bad for someone just getting their start... but little did I know at the time...
This... was genesis.

At the time, I was deep into Gaia Online (before it totally went to shit), and my avatar was a rather dapper version of myself with a hint of Victorian vampire or something goin' on (What can I say, I was an edgy teen). So when I was like "I need some kinda cute pretty to hang off my arm, otherwise what's the point of dressing like I'm about to go clubbin' like it's 1901?", so I slapped together some random goth-lolita crap I'd seen around, grabbed the cute long braid action from the Alucard pic and TADA~! The first ever true image of Freya.

Freya 1.0 by Chobittsu-Studios

That was about ten years ago (I didn't put a specific date on the image, but it was mid-Sept of 07... so it's close enough).
Honestly, looking back, I don't know what the hell I was thinking with that damned outfit... it looks like Anju Maaka's wardrobe vomited all over Celeste from Dangonronpa and then beat her hair into submission.
I tried to fix the dress with a 2,0 version later on, didn't catch on but at least it made a bit more sense.

Freya Nocturne by Chobittsu-Studios   (Fun fact, this was also around the time I discovered digital mediums~!)

So that was okay, it worked well briefly, but I thought of trying something a bit more modern, and thus, the gray dress appeared!

WAKE UP by Chobittsu-Studios (I still have that same solar system blanket too~ It's comfy and anyone that tells me I should get something else and be an adult can go fuck themselves!)

I even had the actual material of the dress figured out for feel and texture (70% rayon, 30% nylon), how messed up is that? But, from there came a whole new leap forward. I used Freya in everything that needed a character. My Battlefield 2142 fanart, my tribute to Yuri Gagarin, even artworks using the old German and Japanese militaries. There wasn't a damn thing I couldn't put Freya to use for. She became my Swiss Army Knife.

Port Bavaria by Chobittsu-StudiosPoyekhali by Chobittsu-StudiosDich Fehlen by Chobittsu-StudiosCaught with the Other Woman by Chobittsu-Studios

Then one night I had a dream. Can't remember most of it, I do remember something about a weird old'timey airplane, from the early 1900s, but also in it was another cutie. It wasn't Freya, her hair was too short, so I scratched up a sketch and made Freya a sister! Enter, Sindri! (Basically a happier, friendlier Freya with short hair)

Epic Glomp by Chobittsu-StudiosSeeing Double by Chobittsu-StudiosSibling Rivalry by Chobittsu-StudiosSibling Rivalry 2 by Chobittsu-Studios (Okay maybe not...)

So after a while of that, I eventually found less and less use for Sindri as I developed new characters to fill the roles she would normally fill.
And so with the retirement of Sindri, I gave Freya her first makeover~! She was finally able to let her hair down and be a lil bit warmer

Rage by Chobittsu-StudiosStabby Crunchy Rippy by Chobittsu-StudiosWell, Fuck You... by Chobittsu-Studios

Okay maybe not... but you can see where things were going! I changed her dress to the pinafore-style one that Sindri used and replaced her "Chobits" style ears with regular ones, a techy aliceband taking their place, also I cemented her as being a robotic person, cause vaguely vampire didn't fit anymore.
It was during this era that I was going back and forth between traditional and digital art frequently, building skill and learning new tools and techniques. It was also about the time that I was creeping into the Kerbal Space Program community, so Freya would occasionally take on a green colour.

Postcards from Laythe - EDITED by Chobittsu-StudiosLeisure by Chobittsu-StudiosReach - (KSP Edit) by Chobittsu-Studios

That last image there should seem familiar, as soon after the "souring" of the KSP forums, I remade that image into what I consider my Mona Lisa (and in the first one you can see the prototypes of Dariya and Nadari from PfS~!)

Reach by Chobittsu-Studios

It was at this moment that the modern Freya was born, refined to her hime-cut hairstyle, newer aliceband, labcoat where applicable, and a new directive... SCIENCE~!

Now... this is the point in the tale where I go on a tangent about something that nearly happened. Once upon a time I was going to do a collab on a webcomic with AceroTiburon (And this is the sole time I'll be product-plugging her, simply because I cannot take credit for these next images).
She was going to do a slice-of-life comedy strip featuring her fangirl characters living in an apartment together, separate from her own slice-of-life adventures about herself and other random things that came to her mind. She at the time was swamped with other commitments and I offered to do colour and linework for her, to this day I still use colour and linework methods I learned from that venture, though they're being phased out for a more SatraThai style. So anyway, her and I were about to get things started, we even had several promotional images ready, but right as the ball was about to get rolling I was cut from the project. In the aftermath, I've figured it was probably the fault of her recently re-acquired ex-ex-boyfriend who is pretty much your generic "Do you even lift" dude-bro being jealous. The guy even accused me of stealing her artwork, which was my artwork, that I repurposed the sketch of so a great image didn't go to waste (the one below, dark one, next to the antarctic pic. I think the comments section still has the leftovers of the encounter). Last I heard her webcomic became just a reboot of her original webcomic about herself but now with a heavy boyfriend-worship element with all the main characters swooning over Mr. Roidrage. Guess she signed him on as the writer.
But anyway, here's the only image I kept after deleting all other assets, only even kept this cause it's Freya, and I'll be damned if anyone will take my star away from me.

(Captured) - Freya - AceroTiburon by Chobittsu-Studios (Soak it in, folks. You're looking at an alternate history)

So in the immediate aftermath of whatever the hell that was, I noted that Freya did indeed have a space missing next to her. One that I tried to fill with Sindri but it didn't quite flow, the characters were pretty much identical. So building off the concept that had been pitched for the webcomic of Freya befriending the dark-skinned female character, I slapped together a new character, one with far more backstory than "She's shy", "She's a fangirl" and "She's the dark-skinned one", and thus, from the deep Pacific came our favourite coconut princess~!

Tribal Fire by Chobittsu-StudiosIkkuma Windchill by Chobittsu-Studios

It didn't take long for me to alter the relationship between Freya and Faumea from "Doctor and Companion" to love interest. But honestly, I think it works, it opens up another bunch of parts of Freya that I never initially considered. I think they call it "Character Development".
Like, what wonders of the universe would Freya share with Faumea? What shenanigans would Faumea get into that Freya would have to bail her out of? And most importantly... Faumea ages... Freya doesn't.
Just like that, Freya went from being a stoic and brooding character to a being with emotions and concerns.

(These next images are by SatraThai by the way, cause I'm lazy and I love Satra to pieces~!)

Naptime - SatraThai by Chobittsu-StudiosKissy kissy Commission - SatraThai by Chobittsu-StudiosDance Commission - SatraThai by Chobittsu-Studios

Halloween Commission - SatraThai by Chobittsu-StudiosChibi Commission - SatraThai by Chobittsu-StudiosFreya Gravchem Commission - SatraThai by Chobittsu-StudiosFaumea Commission - SatraThai by Chobittsu-Studios

You look at this couple (and their pet crab), and you can instantly feel the connection, and that Freya isn't just wetware circuitry anymore, this is a living character. It's quite a leap when you look at it in such a condensed scale, but over 10 years... I'd say it's a damn good progression. Like a fine wine, Freya has aged over time, and aged well.

Marine Nationale Freya~ Patreon Reward - SatraThai by Chobittsu-Studios :iconsays3plz: "Did someone say fine wine~?"

Most of my other characters have been painstakingly built. Some, like Dariya, over the course of a few years, back and forth with someone else until a well-balanced yet relatable mess comes out the other end. Others, like Hinoto, were the result of an hour-long jam-session with a friend making jokes about a game's lore and bugs while you play as a character you slapped together. Or maybe even one like Shuu, made to fill a void that other characters just couldn't quite fit logically, but have never truly made it big on their own...
But then... you have one like Freya. The result of a decade of one idea leading to the next, honed to a sharp point, sculpted to perfection.
Are there more places I could take her? Of course! One day I might wake up and decide she would look better with a ponytail or something. A slight change in course that could lead to another huge discovery.
It's already been 10 years of it, who knows what another 10 might bring?

Freya, The Synthetic Scientist - SatraThai by Chobittsu-Studios


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